About Us

Hunting has always been a family tradition & Boddiford’s is a family-run business that takes pride in processing your deer. Our dad started Boddiford’s Deer Processing in 1990 and served the surrounding counties for 10 years. Since his passing we have re-opened Boddiford’s Deer Processing in a new location and have carried on the tradition for the last 10 years. Hunters quickly came to know us for our jerky and our dad’s original sausage recipe.

You can be assured when you bring your deer to us, that the deer you bring is the deer you will take home. Each deer is individually tagged and individually processed. We vacuum pack your meat in size packaging to suit your needs.  Cooler and freezer temperatures are monitored daily.

We open full time the first of October every year. Watch us as we carefully and skillfully skin your trophy for mounting or prepare for processing. We hope you will visit us for all your processing needs.